This websites core function is to provide tools for the game Star Sonata 2. This game is a top down arcade space ship shooter MMO, similar to asteroids but instead you can do the following:


Please do not use the same password as you do for your game as this website only holds scan data and no sensitive information, apart from your email used.

Passwords stored on this websites database are using the following PHP function: password_hash

How Does Scanning Work?

Scanning is done via a C# piece of software I created using the WinPcap resource which allows the software to sniff the game client for the words in chat "Scan:" within the event chat.

Where To Start?

You can download this software once you have registered to this website. The registration allows you to use the automatic upload functionality (optional). By default, this is disabled as you will require to receive a email from this website with the stream key to paste into the software.

Once you've followed the instructions all you will need to do is load up the Star Sonata 2 client and login then when ready click "Start Scan". Then you will need to warp at least once for the software to detect what sector you're in. Then start scanning planets/moons/stars with a planet scanner.


You can use this software without ever using the automatic upload feature and use the software with your own tools such as Google Sheets or something similar.

What Can This Website Do?

This websites can provide the following features:

How Are Teams Managed?

Intially a Admin will have to accept whether you can be the first member to be accepted to that team. From then on the member of the team can accept any future requests.

If that member becomes inactive a Admin can still accept more members into a team.

Current Admins

When requesting a team for your account please provide your account a nickname or email you used with that account so we can make the decision.

Most cases when we detect members waiting for team acceptance they'll be done within the day as this will automatically send Markoz/Pixel an email about the request.

What Can Admins Do?

There is a log for admins to use to allow for debugging / noticing an issue. Additionally admins main role is to allow first time members on to an empty team.

Admins cannot do the following: